Thank you for your desire to support our mission! 

Material Donations: Our street ministry prioritizes the relational and spiritual needs of our homeless neighbors. However, we do share simple donations: hand warmers, socks, underwear, shirts, sleeping bags, travel-sized toiletries, feminine hygiene products, non-perishable snacks, and water bottles. 

If you would like to offer physical donations (e.g., sleeping bag, hand warmers, snacks, underwear, shirts, socks), you may drop them off at the Parish Office of St. Leonard of Port-Maurice and/or email our Treasurer at 

Financial Donations: We use money to afford mission trips, spiritual retreats, guest speakers, food for volunteers, and more. 

To make a one-time or recurring financial donation to Encounter, payments can be made through St. Leonard of Port Maurice Parish's website. For the Giving Options select "Encounter Ministry." If you wish to support a specific missionary who is fundraising their income, please let our Treasurer know (